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Bomberman Hero Nintendo 64

Bomberman Hero Nintendo 64

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Bomberman Hero Description

Bomberman Hero is an Action & Adventure game for Nintendo 64. Theres an old adage that claims you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink. Well, the opposite is always true when the subject is Bomberman games, including the newest, BOMBERMAN HERO. Clever game designers have given the little guy all sorts of challenges to solve and puzzles to overcome, but in the end all we really want is to see him throw bombs. And brother, he can still throw them like nobodys business! BOMBERMAN HERO takes place across five distinct worlds where Bomberman needs to call on all his skills especially his bomb-throwing technique to save the Princess.

Bomberman Hero Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Nintendo
UPC: 045496870317
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Bomberman Hero Reviews

Hidden Gem (Skittlez in New Jersey)

Platformers from this era are a mixed bag. Some age like wine, others milk. This is no Mario 64 or Banjo, but this is a very satisfying romp with bombs.

wootwoot (dord in Alabama)

thanks jjgames you the man with the bomberplan

Excellent single player experience (Robin in Ontario)

I've been a huge bomberman fan for a long time and have almost every game.

Bomberman Hero has you go on an epic adventure and BLOW THINGS UP! Generally speaking, this game feels like a bomberman version of SM64.

Unlike the previous title, Bomberman 64, as well as what typical BOMBERMAN games are known for. This game lacks multi-player which has been a key component for this series.

However, if you can over look that aspect, this game does make up for it with a good story and beautiful music which is how Bomberman Hero creates it's own charm/uniqueness.

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