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Little Nemo The Dream Master NES

Little Nemo The Dream Master Nintendo NES

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Little Nemo The Dream Master Description

You're Little Nemo the Dream Master, and the princess has invited you to the wonderful castle in Slumberland. The only problem is that King Morpheus has been kidnapped, and they need your help to save him. In Slumberland, your wildest dreams will come true as you journey through a magical place filled with wonder and danger. Luckily, you can use your candy attack if you're confronted by any of the dangerous creatures that inhabit the land. If you can reach him in time, you'll be able to rescue the King and defeat the Master of Nightmares in LITTLE NEMO THE DREAM MASTER.

Little Nemo The Dream Master Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Capcom
UPC: 013388110223
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Little Nemo The Dream Master Reviews

Great (Will in Saskatchewan)

The game looks great and it plays great as well.

Great game (Mark in Arizona)

Probably one of the best platforming games on the Nes. Very challenging but also fun.

Classic 8-bit Capcom! (Mister Gamer Man in Missouri)

Not as great as Mega Man, but one of the fine examples of what the NES could do. You play as Nemo in dream world as you toss candy to certain creatures in order to find keys to move to the next level. With cut scenes, good controls, bright vibrant graphics, this is one to ad to your collection for sure.

Classic (David in Illinois)

I love this game it gets more difficult as u progress like games should... I grew up playing this game...

Up, Select, Left, Right, A, A, B At the title screen lets u choose dream levels.. Press a the amount of levels u want to skip

Interesting game! A fun challenge. (Josh in Michigan)

The game is based on Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, and the game contains some iconic things from the movie. It plays like an early platformer on the NES with some fun mechanics. For the most part, you will be jumping around and looking for keys to proceed to the next stage. Enemies and artwork/levels are varied for the most part and are very creative.

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