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Anticipation NES

Anticipation NES

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Used. Stickers on Game
Game only 5.30
Used. Good
Game only 5.28
Used. Good
Game only 5.15
Used. Writing On Item
Game only 5.06
Used. Good
Game only 5.04
Used. Good
Game only 4.96
Used. Good
Game only 4.56
Used. Good
Game only 3.99
Used. Good
Game only 3.94
Used. Good
Game only 3.80

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Anticipation Description

Anticipation is a video board game for one to four players (both computer and human). The object of the game is to be the first to collect a card for each of the four colors on the game board. During each turn the computer will display seemingly random dots, then a pencil starts connecting the dots to form a picture. The first player to correctly identify the picture will earn a card for the color of the picture being drawn. As the picture draws, a dice on the screen will count down from 6 to 1. Whatever value is showing when a player successfully identifies the picture is the number of spaces that players game piece will move on the game board for the next turn. The color of the space the game piece lands on will dictate the category for the next picture to be drawn. Each game will choose four categories from the various options, which include: tools, man made, clothing, food, math, office, travel, music, things, natural, leisure, and many others. After you've mastered the easier skil

Anticipation Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Nintendo
UPC: 006121731069
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Anticipation Reviews

great family 90s game (Earl Gillispie in California)

Anticipation game for the NES was one of the very first of its kind! It was the board game that featured really a lot of fun with family and friends to gather around for parties gatherings excetera excetera! I give this game four stars for that reason alone enjoy and remember power to all the Retro gamers!

Great Game (Rick Forbes in Michigan)

Great game. Got it quick in the mail, worked perfectly. I would buy from jjgames anytime.

Nice to play with friends (Frank in Netherlands)

Anticipation is a nice game to play with friends. The drawings are not always easy to analyse, but it is a fun game.

Good game for the whole family! (Mark in Alabama)

This game is still a brain teaser,just like I remembered!!!

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