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Captain Skyhawk NES

Captain Skyhawk NES

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Game only 5.16
Used. Good
Game only 5.13
Used. Good
Game only 5.10
Used. Scratched Cover
Game only 4.99
Used. Faded
Game only 4.87
Used. Good
Game only 4.77
Used. Good
Game only 4.75
Used. Good
Game only 4.64
Used. Good
Game only 4.58
Used. Good
Game only 4.45
Used. Writing On Item
Game only 4.27
Used. Scratched Cover
Game only 4.15
Used. Scratched Cover
Game only 3.80
Used. Like New
Game only 3.53

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Captain Skyhawk Description

The Earth has been invaded by aliens and it is up to you to stop them. Piloting a plane through several levels, you must blow up enemy artillery and planes before taking on one of four large bases. The action is from a top down perspective, but the landscape is 3D rather than flat as in similar games. Your plane can be upgraded at space stations between levels, and you even have to accurately pilot your plane into the space station. After successfully completing all the levels you have to destroy the final alien boss.

Captain Skyhawk Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Milton Bradley
UPC: 032244040924
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Captain Skyhawk Reviews

Fun Game (Joe Todaro in California)

I enjoy this game. I want to compare it to River Raid on the Atari in some places and in other places its kind of like After Burner. Its very unique and unlike any shooter game. it's not the best shooter game, but its a lot of fun.

cheap for a reason... (Anonymous)

Loved it because it's so bad! :)

great game (Django in Japan)

Great Game, I recommend it

Great late release. Very underated! (Croz in Florida)

Wonderful arcade style jet shooter for the NES. VERY impressive graphics for the system and challenging to boot. Isometric "3D" games like this really pushed the system and for the price JJ wants no NED owner should pass this up!

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