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Rygar Nintendo NES

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Rygar Description

A hero has arrived to defeat the forces of evil in the land of Argool, and you are this hero. Do you have what it takes? This game was one of the first adventures to hit the NES and the remarkable aspect on top of this was the multiple viewpoints the games offers. When you are in an action zone, the game is a side-scrolling action game; however, then you are travelling between zones, the game takes on an overhead view that can also lead to combat situations.

Rygar Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Tecmo
UPC: 622628037000
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Rygar Reviews

Under rated game (Paul)

Glitchy as they come, but good Lord, is it a great game with one of the most underappreciated soundtracks out there! Can be beaten in one sitting (maybe 3 hours), which is good, because there's no save or password option....

One of NES finest!!! (Earl Gillispie in Georgia)

One of NES finest video games of all time not to mention fun to boot straight directly from the arcade version to the NES version! Sure the arcade version is better because of better graphics but the NES version is more fun in my opinion! God bless all take care and remember power to all the Retro Gamers and players!

pure classic (paul J. in Alabama)

Great adventure game. Easy to navigate controls. Fun for anyone.

Nes classic (Anonymous)

A must have for old school gamers , I forgot how hard it was and no save option so be ready !!

Fun game (alex in Ontario)

Solid platformer. Attacking is fun, control is decent. For the cost it's a great buy.

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