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Blaster Master NES

Blaster Master Nintendo NES

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Blaster Master Description

The classic story of a boy and his frog who runs away, becomes radioactive and jumps into a hole. More importantly however, it's the story about a boy who finds a fully functional battletank, SOFIA the 3rd, and goes adventuring around the underground. His mission... to find new weapons and add-on parts to the battletank which will in turn allow him to explore more areas until eventually he finds that freedom-loving mutant frog. And while he's down there he might as well defeat the Evil Plutonium Boss who wishes to threaten the Earth.

Blaster Master Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Publisher: SunSoft
UPC: 110068020763
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Blaster Master Reviews

futuristic adventure (Anonymous)

An interesting and unique game . a bit slow at times as you make your way thru a labrynith of levels to battle the prespective boss . enjoyable play in or out of the truck as you slide on ice or swim thru water or flow past lava . I would rate this one in the top 50 Nintendo classic games .

Great underrated game (Anonymous)

This game is a great game. Just kinda hard when past the third boss

fun game (howie in Pennsylvania)

I like this game a lot,fun game to play.

This game defined nonlinear platformers (DashV in New York)

8-bit didn't stop this game from boasting excellent graphics, impressive sound, and groundbreakingly awesome nonlinear play!

How nonlinear? I'll give you one hint. When looking for level 4... Try looking in level 1.

No other game since Metroid boasted such an open world carefully woven into itself.

With only 3 lives and 3 continues this is one of the games that defined "Nintendo Hard".

The game for every player (Matt in New York)

Blaster Master is one of those few games that you come across every once in a while, that you can easily compare to any game today. It's essentially three games in one, and it will keep you entertained. Every time someone asks for a suggestion of a good NES game, my first answer is always Blaster Master.

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