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Mega Man 4 NES

Mega Man 4 Nintendo NES

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Mega Man 4 Description

In Mega Man 4, Dr. Wily is declared as having been killed by the explosion of Gamma. A year passes and Rock, Roll, and Dr. Light are living in peace. But soon, the peace is broken by a new threat. A supposed colleague of Dr. Light's, the mysterious Dr. Cossack, has sent out eight of his own Robot Masters to find Mega Man, whom Cossack blames for the kidnapping of his daughter. Mega Man, hoping to clear his name, sets out to find Dr. Cossack, this time armed with a powerful new weapon: the Rock Buster!

Mega Man 4 Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Capcom
UPC: 013388110308
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Mega Man 4 Reviews

A solid mega man game:) (Jonathan in Ontario)

Not as good as 3, and a car cry from 2, but overall a great game:)

A worthy follow up for Mega Man 3 (Glenn Muylst in Belgium)

Although Mega Man 3 is my all time favorite of the NES series, 4 holds up great. It has some interesting level designs and enemies and brings hidden extra items into the mix.

Classic game, great buy. (Anthony Dembinski in Massachusetts)

Best seller on the net for NES. This is a must have for any mega man fan.

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