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Life Force NES

Life Force Nintendo NES

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Life Force Description

In a distant part of the universe, an alien creature called Zelos was born. As he grew so did his appetite, and soon he began devouring galaxies, planets, and stars by the hundreds. Now your planet has appeared in Zelos' path, and it is up to you and a partner to fly into battle to save your world. Life Force is an action packed shooter based on the arcade game. There are six levels which alternate between side and vertical scrolling, each of them ending with a powerful guardian. Throughout the game, destroying certain enemies will release power ups which can be used to equip your ship with more powerful weapons, extra speed, and shields. Gameplay is for one player or two players simultaneously.

Life Force Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Konami
UPC: 083717110118
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Life Force Reviews

Another Konami Classic (schnoze in Saskatchewan)

Sequel to Gradius improves on all aspects of the first game, and adds 2 player. Alternates side-scrolling and top-down levels is another new feature. A space shooter that may be the best on the console with responsive controls, excellent graphics and sounds, and an INSANE difficulty level.

Strongly recommended (Juice in Alberta)

One of the best (if not the best) shoot em up on the NES.

Tough and satisfying shmup (Croz in Florida)

Lifeforce is a very good game. It is a horizontal shooter that feels a lot like R-Type. Powerups are collected and activated by the player to give special bonuses depending on the number gathered. The stages are colorful and the bosses are really out there. Great games for any NES fan.

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