Reviews for Diddy Kong Racing

Reviews for Diddy Kong Racing for Nintendo 64

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Best game ever (Bobb in Alabama)
  September 13, 2019

Love the game haven't played in a long time since I was a kis

good price, fun game (Jesse Houk in Washington)
  January 21, 2019

purchased this game for my wife for christmas and she really enjoys it. will definitely be making more purchases from this site.

Good price (Matt K)
  May 3, 2018

It was a good price and one of the first games I bought from jjgames, I bought it to see if the games were real/decent quality and I was pleasantly surprised that it was. If your game does not start right away I recommend cleaning with a q-tip and some 91% isopropyl alcohol.

Works well (John Doe in Quebec)
  April 1, 2018

Came as expected, works well

Great (Anonymous)
  September 29, 2017

Happy to finally get a copy of this get for a good price.

good game (Grant in Ohio)
  January 9, 2016

came in good working and looking condition, fast shipping too

Works Great (Logan in California)
  December 28, 2015

Such a great racing game for the N64. Thank you JJ games for having such a great selection of retro video games. Works Great!!

Kids love this game (Remah Howell in North Carolina)
  October 10, 2015

My little ones have played this everyday. They love it. I love it too for the price and it brings back such good memories. I am so glad that JJgames sells the good stuff. Just good fun.

Fun Game (Jason in Arizona)
  July 19, 2015

Fun racing game for the N64.

Better then Mario Kart (Alex Hatton in Ontario)
  January 19, 2015

I believe Diddy Kong Racing has more to offer then Mario Kart 64.

In DKR there is 3 vehicles to drive, an adventure mode to explore with secrets, boss battles, and trophy races (just like GP mode in Mario kart), and you can play it co-op.

Multiplayer is great and I like how you can power up your weapons by collecting the same color balloon.

Diddy Kong Racing has more tracks and offers everything Mario Kart 64 dose and more, like secret characters and fun cheats

Overall, Diddy Kong Racing offers more for a better price.

Thanks jjgames, My game was shipped to Canada, at a good price, and I will be enjoying this childhood classic.

My favorite (kev)
  January 17, 2015

incredibly well made game, thanks jjgames. It came in pretty good condition, and fast delivery, I will return

One of my best childhood memories (Ben in British Columbia)
  August 11, 2014

I loved this game growing up, and I fully intend on buying a copy. as for the price, I can't find any better. you are my nostalgia savior, JJ games! GG, JJ. GG.

Old school classic. (Chuck in Quebec)
  April 13, 2014

Best price around for this game. As fun and tough as I remembered it. Still an excellent game.

Cartridge was in great shape, quick shipping, excellent customer service. Good job JJ games.

Awesome game in great shape (Melissa in Alabama)
  November 18, 2013

Awesome game in great shape, timely shipping

Great battle levels (Gopal in California)
  August 14, 2013

This is a great all-around game. I especially love the dino and ice battle levels!

Very (used) game (JB in Colorado)
  July 5, 2013

It would have been nice to know before purchasing this game that there were markings and stickers on the game cartridge. About a month later, I found a copy of this game at Game Force off of Sheridan & 64th. The cartridge had no stickers or markings. Advice to JJGames is to show the actual picture of the game you are selling not just a generic image you found online somewhere.

fun (Anonymous in Manitoba)
  June 3, 2013

very fun

next to mario kart (andy in Wisconsin)
  February 22, 2013

Games actually better than mario kart in many ways and much longer and when you race the pig and it says game over most people do not know the game is not over. Its only half over.

Go to the signs by the light house and BEEP. It turns the light house into a space ship and it flys off and opens up a super fun crazy space land. After finishing it then you have a whole new diddy kong racing #2 game but all in reviser.

Also 2 unlock able people. After winning against the pig go by the frogs and one will have a red hat on. Run him over and you will unlock a chicken as a racer.

And if you beet TT the clock all his times you unlock him he is the fastest person to race with top speed wise.

Game also has many cheats the best one to use on hard races is the one that shrinks you TEENYWEENIES it makes maneuvering around objects much easier.

all the kart racing fun with so much more! (croz in Florida)
  September 17, 2012

Great game for the 64. The kart racing is awesome and the extra modes keep this game fresh time and time again.

nintedo 64 (sharon brown in Alabama)
  September 13, 2012

The system is worth the price.. Everyone should choose its a great place to buy games and the systems..

great racing game (Anonymous in South Carolina)
  February 25, 2012

one of the best games on the n64, a pure classic

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