Reviews for Forza Motorsport 2

Reviews for Forza Motorsport 2 for Xbox 360

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Great Racing Sim (Josh H. in Pennsylvania)
  February 17, 2018

A great racing game with many options and great cars/tracks to choose from. Smooth controls, great soundtrack, and graphics that hold up to this day.

Great game (Jamie in South Carolina)
  August 11, 2017

I like this series for it's devotion to realism and mechanics, reminds me of Gran Turismo

Great buy (Carrie & Matt in Virginia)
  January 19, 2016

We play it every day! Disc is in very good condition. Shipping was fast!

ahead of its time! (anthony day in Alabama)
  December 28, 2013

Really rocks

fun game (tina in Pennsylvania)
  November 24, 2013

Fun game and works great

Nice racing game (Jairo Maldonado in El Salvador)
  October 24, 2013

Graphics are excellent, I like this game.

One of the best racing games!!! (Guilherme Santos in Brazil)
  May 14, 2012

The sense of speed and realism is amazing! Usually in racing games do not damage the cars but Forza 2 motorspot is realistic and the cars can suffer real damage! The gande variety of models and the countless possibidades network gaming make him one of the best racing games I ever played. I recommend!

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