Reviews for Uncharted Drake's Fortune

Reviews for Uncharted Drake's Fortune for Playstation 3

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Good quality (eyar in Israel)
  March 4, 2016


action packed (ben murphy in Kentucky)
  May 7, 2015

Full of action guns and treasure

Excelente (Josue hernandez in Honduras)
  February 15, 2015

Es entretenido y algo difĂ­cil pero se debe de ingeniar como resolver los acertijos y encontrar la fortuna de Drake.

Excelente (Anonymous in Honduras)
  January 28, 2015

Me llego en buenas condiciones, y ya lo estoy jugando, es divertido un excelente juego.

Naughty Dog for the Win! (Corey in Iowa)
  January 27, 2015

Why did it take me so long to play the Uncharted series? This game was stupendous! And I hear they only get better. Count me in!

fun adventure game (kris in Georgia)
  August 24, 2014

a fun series

Uncharted Drake's Fortune (jhon gamboa in Colombia)
  August 11, 2014

came in great condition

Still a great game (Shawn C in Ontario)
  May 24, 2013

Since I hadn't played this in 5 years, I decided to buy back Uncharted and replay Drake's first adventure. The game has a different flow to it than Uncharted 2 and 3, which very much follow the same story/action template, and that was refreshing. The story is still the real standout. Some of the graphics look a little dated, and the visual language of climbable objects hadn't quite been refined yet. There were times I almost felt I was thinking outside the box to climb my way out of an area, just because I'm used to the way the next two games in the series represent climbable objects or paint where you should be going with light. What really surprised me, and what dates this game more than anything else, were the quicktime events. I'd completely forgotten Uncharted had those. That's definitely a sign that this game came out in 2007. I highly recommend this if you're a fan and haven't checked it out!

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