Reviews for Mass Effect

Reviews for Mass Effect for Xbox 360

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great game (dinika smith in Alabama)
  January 19, 2016

great graphics, fun characters, good story, great gameplay.

Enjoyed very much (Sonya in United States)
  December 22, 2015

Collecting the mass effect series.Waiting for four come out.

Enjoyed very much (Sonya in Ohio)
  December 22, 2015

Collecting the mass effect series.Waiting for to come out.

Badass As Hell (JImmy Bond in Washington)
  August 8, 2015

The game is engaging, fun, and has an awesome storyline. Also, the pricing from JJGames was AWESOME!!!!!!!! Furthermore, the shipping was so fast it was hard to believe (and I mean that literally not as a figure of speech). I truly truly thought there had to have been some sort of shipping glitch where they must of marked my package with a faster method than I paid for or worse, I absentminded and accidentally chose a more expensive shipping method. However, when I looked at the bill sheet that came with the games everything checked out. JJGames is awesome!!! They have great stock of games, they are almost always the lowest price for games anywhere on the internet, they are reliable, good customer service, and they mind-numbingly fast shipping :) I have ordered from them in the past, and I will happily order from them in the future. I have told every single person I know who plays console about this site. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Must own 360 title (Dan in Alabama)
  July 16, 2012

This game has earned a spot in my top 5 Xbox 360 games. If you own a 360 you need this game. It was a fresh experience after playing mostly FPSs and TPSs. The interaction with the people/aliens and the environment is great. The things you do actually matter, such as side missions and dialogue selections. The games combat was fun, just make sure you upgrade your weapons or you'll be fighting tougher enemies with the weakest guns. Just because you pick up a weapon from a locker doesn't mean you are using that gun. You have to select it in the squad section of the pause menu. The only complaint I have about this game is the save spots. The are too far apart. If you die after playing awhile you could possibly be sent back 30min-1hr of playing. So manually save often. But it is still a great game. Get it!

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