Reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV

Reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360

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Grand Theft Auto IV is amazing !!! (Merlin V. in Dominican Republic)
  November 19, 2018

The game arrived as described "Like New",I'm enjoying the game so much on my Xbox One S. This was my smartest decision since I was having issues purchasing 360 backward compatibility games on my Xbox One S due to region and card mismatch. But finally I found JJGAMES And got the disc instead. I'm 100% satisfied. Thanks a million guys. I highly recommend JJGAMES and I will definitely consider JJGAMES for future purchases !!!

Pretty great! (Jc Griffin in Texas)
  March 17, 2018

Complete game with Manuel for a pretty great price, no problems with the game at all. Thanks!

Good Deal for a Good Game (SC in New Jersey)
  August 20, 2015

I received it within 5 days of ordering and the game was in great condition for only being less than 5 dollars. There are some scratches but they really are unnoticeable unless you look closely. Surpassed all my expectations and will definitely buy again soon.

As for the game, honestly entertaining.

its good (zoran in North Carolina)
  August 7, 2015

Game is good the story is ok the mission's can be frustrating at parts but it is fun to go on a killing spree

Brings back some great memories (Joe in Alabama)
  July 20, 2015

Just like all the original GTAs. Newer game with the old school feel

grand theft car stealing beat up game (chris in Massachusetts)
  September 29, 2014

this car game is absolutely ridiculous, its all about beating up stuff, its so crim5inaol why can't people just leanr to get along and drive cars the cool way

Great (Anonymous)
  August 28, 2014


Thanks Guys for speeding it uP, delivery that is ... (Dartagnon Puissant in California)
  April 14, 2014

I'm ancient, reliving my youth, whatever, but I love this game ... I'm crawling around and keeping the cops off my tail right now, trying NOT to run into them ... but soon I hope to be driving like I do on the street, fast and respectable ... but I can tell that this will be my avenue of escape and when I want to do some beat downs ... watch out Liberty City.

I was griping about the speed of delivery, it was due today or tomoro maybe, but suddenly last Wednesday it arrived. Its been awhile since I've done this ... remember the arcades in the 70's and 80's? exactly! But once I get good at GTA I'm going to be hunting the old ones on COD:MW3 ... the young ones move to quick and shoot too dang fast! Beware the whippersnappers!! B-)

son loves it (Anonymous in New York)
  April 4, 2014

plays all the time

Very funny game!! (Pablo in Argentina)
  June 21, 2012

Excelent condition!

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