Reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV

Reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV for Playstation 3

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Good game. (Pappy45 in North Carolina)
  July 24, 2017

Good game, excellent condition. Was just as advertised. Fast shipping and packaged great. Great company to deal with.

Good game, sloppy controls and DARK (Patrick Gestner in Wisconsin)
  January 3, 2016

Liberty City look out, the Russian guys are on the street, and sidewalks. If you follow the GTA franchise. you'd know the steering and shooting controls in this and earlier titles were just about bad enough to set this one down and completely give it up for GTA V, which is much more improved in both control and graphics. I don't think NYC, which Liberty City is based on, is dark, as often as this game depicts

a great game (nellie malone in Florida)
  January 18, 2015

it was a replacement game

Great Game (Shondell in New York)
  November 18, 2014

Got the game at a GREAT price with free shipping. Game worked perfectly. Really just a fun game all-around. So much to do.

"So far everything I've order from this site" (Matthew Wiggins in North Carolina)
  November 11, 2014

So far everything I've order from this site is right on the money and I will continue to order games in the near future. Great price with great inventory. Yea I mean some really epic games are sold out but it's understandable.

good (Anonymous in Florida)
  May 7, 2014

Good buy. i love the free shiping! And low prices. Will be buying here again.

great game (Candice in Louisiana)
  January 9, 2014

Love playing this game ! It is really fun.

Best Game Ever Made (Lucas in Texas)
  November 13, 2013

I bought GTA IV and was impress when i first played with it. It has a great story, multiplayer mode, secrets spots, in game internet. This is the best PS3 game I've ever played. It surpasses the boundaries of all the games grand theft auto. Overall one of the best GTA games out there highly recommend this to everyone.

Great game, fantastic. (K7eiko in Tennessee)
  March 3, 2013

Great game, fantastic.

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