Reviews for Far Cry 2

Reviews for Far Cry 2 for Xbox 360

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A Great First Person Shooter (rvnmedic6869 in New York)
  May 15, 2016

Bought this from JJ to replace my original PS3 version. Also have played the later FC games, but like this the best.

As I'm not a running/gunning point accumulator, I enjoy the wide open expanse of Africa, which changes depending on the map area you are in, and doing a weapons load-out for the mission I sign up for. I'm a big fan of the Dragunov sniper rifle and use it to my advantage from high up on a rock ledge and shooting long distance.

At the very low price that JJ charges, you should try this if you haven't played it before.

far cry 2 (melissa jackson in South Carolina)
  March 13, 2015

my son loves it now he wants #3....

Awesome game (Chris in California)
  April 22, 2012

If you like adventure games, this is the game for you. You get to drive around a lot and the world is huge. If i were you i would get the game.

Not that good (Cole overly in Michigan)
  March 29, 2012

It's too much traveling and the story is hard to follow.

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