Reviews for Fallout 3

Reviews for Fallout 3 for Playstation 3

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Good (Joseph Willis in Alabama)
  March 12, 2018

It's a good game and i got it in a good condition so that is a plus

Great game! (Thomas in Pennsylvania)
  June 24, 2017

I received this item very quickly after purchasing, and it was in the condition it was advertised- good, with case and booklet included.

The game itself is amazing. It's the only Fallout game I've ever played, so I can't compare it to the other ones, but I'm planning on buying the 4th soon. I really enjoy playing this game. There is a lot of depth to it. Different choices can be made the affect the story and how people treat you, and there are loads and loads of secrets and side quests to get into.

Overall, this is a five star game.

Buying from JJ's games is also a snap. I used bitcoin, so it was as simple as copy paste. Secure, easy checkout. I'm back today to buy more games!

Love it (Psycho bunny in Arizona)
  May 14, 2016

Love the game, loved the price and i love JJ gamws

Great Game! (Maher Musawi in Oman)
  December 15, 2015

Always happy to order from jjgames!

Excellent game!! Very creative and very well made! Amazing story! (Michael Robertson in California)
  September 20, 2015

Excellent game!! Very creative and very well made! Amazing story!

Pretty good (Vince land in Ontario)
  August 13, 2015

Great rpg game, lots of choices and different ways to approach a situation. Shooting can get a little repetitive. Not as good as all the hype though. It's a good game, just not amazingly amazing like everyone puts it out to be.

Fun to play (Anonymous)
  January 28, 2015

Hard to play at first but once you learn basics of game, it will keep you busy.

Whoa! Very immersive game. (Boomer in Florida)
  December 15, 2014

So far I've only reached level four, but wow, is this game location awesome. It's so expansive, I can't wait to explore everything!

Favorite weapon so far: sledge hammer. Chunks will fly! I just have to keep the thing repaired to it's full potential. I investigated a school filled with hooligans, (What? They got bodies strung up everywhere. Hooligans.) and the sledge hammer was enough to take them down, and then regenerate my health by sleeping in their filthy beds for a few seconds (game hours). Woke up, and looted the place. Loaded down, it was a very slow pace to Megaton to sell it all... I chose brains over brawn in the skill selection, so my power is too low to carry too much stuff.

  February 5, 2013

If I could give this game beyond 5 stars I totally would. My husband and I were stuck on the God of War's for some time and wouldn't play anything else...until now. Really awesome game, love the 50's commercialism, lots of playing time and quests. Enjoying it every night as our time together!

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