Reviews for Sega Genesis 2 Console

Reviews for Sega Genesis 2 Console for Sega Genesis

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Great working system (Nanette in Missouri)
  February 15, 2019

I was given a Sega with games but the Sega didn't work so I ordered another thru jjgames and our works wonderfully.

I love this sega genesis (Julio Vindell in California)
  January 26, 2019

I enjoyed it very much it plays all my old sega games

Package as described (Merza in Indonesia)
  April 20, 2018

Great console and excellent service!

Everyone needs a Sega (Amanda L in Indiana)
  November 17, 2017

The console is as good as it gets with being a used one. Everything works good. It was a good buy. I would definitely buy from JJ's again.

PGA tour golf lives again (Colin Hawkins in South Carolina)
  September 22, 2016

Great price to be able to relive my childhood and play the best golf game to date. Everything came and worked perfectly.

Console works great (Kelly long in United States)
  July 24, 2016

Console works great and plays on my favorite games like a lot

good console but.... (Alicia in Louisiana)
  July 21, 2016

Good console for the money. Everything worked great except for the controller. The a,b and c button did not work because I noticed that part of the wire was broken. I emailed them about it but I got no response. I'm not sure if I'll buy anything else from jjgames.

just like old times! (John ramirez in California)
  July 9, 2016

Got my sega genesis yesterday in the mail. Wow it looked brand new! A great price and fast delivery. Can't beat jjs prices. A fan and customer for life. Thanks again

console and controller works great (Kelly long in Ohio)
  July 4, 2016

Sega Genesis system works great plays all my favorite games and having fun with Sonic the Hedgehog and all my other games too consult works great

In better shape then described (Anonymous in Colorado)
  February 11, 2016

Quality GEN-2 sega system with all cables & controller..all sega brand & no third party stuff

Great System fun brings back memorys (Paul in Texas)
  November 2, 2014

I use to play this when i was a child love it brings back old memory's

Nintendo NES (Lisha Poo in California)
  October 13, 2014

Purchased my Nintendo NES along with 6 games and everything works perfectly.I had a little trouble with the system reading the game but take out the cartridge and blow in it the problem is solved. But nothing major the system is over 20 years old. THANKS JJGAMES

happy all in all (brad in Pennsylvania)
  July 21, 2014

I have been a retro gamer for some time now and was happy with my buy at large. That said, the unit did need a good cleaning before it would read games. My biggest beef was that I did NOT receive the six button controller that was in the console pic. Just so happens that they had a period six button controller for sale a few days later also. I understand that it says each game will come with one power plug, unit, and at least one controller. But something about this felt dishonest. I mean, I picked the one I did because of the pic and what was in it.

Good game (Jake Williams in Ohio)
  April 17, 2014

Sega genesis 2 console came as expected. i purchased the good condition one works Great no issues came with one controller and all cords good condition for a 20 year old game!

Great System (Christian H. in Wisconsin)
  April 5, 2014

I received my Sega Genesis V2 yesterday in mail. Systems works and runs great, but the system came dirty. Cleaned it and looks almost brand new, besides the very small scratches that are barley noticeable. I give a 4.5 out of 5. Thanks JJgames for the great system.

Great (Leonard Farrington Jr. in North Carolina)
  April 4, 2014

Everything was in excellent working condition. A few minor scratches and some dirt here and there, but easily cleaned and did not affect gameplay at all.

Awesome! (Mark in Pennsylvania)
  December 22, 2013

Playing the Sega Genesis was a really fun blast from the past! The console was in great condition and JJ even sent me 3 free games!

Perfect conditions (Sulu in Maryland)
  December 11, 2013

Excellent product. I'm a retro-gamer and this console definitely is a must have.

Re-Living Childhood (Ryan in Massachusetts)
  August 19, 2013

Love this system as I believe at least the number 2 system of all time. The system condition was exactly as described, even received an extra controller I think because the one that came with it was in rough condition. Thanks JJ Games and I will definitely be buying from them again

it works great! but the condition is poor (Patrick lefort in Alberta)
  July 8, 2013

Now don't get me wrong the console is great! but there is alot of what looks like sticker and drop damage, the controller is really good as well.

Great console (Chris in Illinois)
  May 11, 2013

I able to hook-up my 32x and segacd finally

i really like this system. (connor in California)
  April 9, 2013

Thank you very much. i really like playng sonic the hedgehog 2.

good system. (Anonymous)
  March 29, 2013

my favorite system all time!!

Every bit as fun as you remember! (Matt in New Hampshire)
  March 14, 2013

Very fast shipping and everything came as advertised. My wife let out a little shriek of joy when she saw the sega and the games. You can't replace memories, but you can revive and enrich them. Priceless.

best console (bruce in West Virginia)
  November 22, 2012

In my opinion the Genesis was indeed better than the snes. More hardcore games and less censorship made the games for this console better.

Greatest deal out there (Ricardo in California)
  September 13, 2012

I got this genesis model 2, it works perfectly and it is in mint condition, it is a great great Great edition to any gamers collection

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