Reviews for Soul Calibur

Reviews for Soul Calibur for Sega Dreamcast

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Fun all around (Marcus Reed in Ohio)
  March 15, 2018

This truly is one of the greatest games ever made!

Soul Caliber (NY_Gamer in Belgium)
  January 1, 2017

This game has held up fairly well since its debut. Even in comparison to more modern fighting games on more modern gaming systems.

Still one of dreamcast's very best games.

Best Game Ever. (Christopher in Ontario)
  June 21, 2013

Such a fantastic game wow. I am stunned. ONE problem, the case was broken! Overall I'm happy. Shipping took a bit over 2 weeks (Canada)

It's pretty cool. (Wallace in Georgia)
  January 25, 2013

The game was good but some stages have floating rings.

"Impressive and fun for all ages" (Dontrel Murphy in Texas)
  March 17, 2012

Of all the fighting games I've played, Soul Calibur goes beyond the realm of awesome. I've never seen so much detail in a game! Next to Ecco and Shenmue, it's quite impressive!

The best game (Matthew in Arizona)
  February 16, 2012

This is the best game on the Sega Dreamcast. If you don't have a Sega Dreamcast buy it for the Xbox 360.

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