Reviews for Jet Grind Radio

Reviews for Jet Grind Radio for Sega Dreamcast

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Great game. (Evan Bennett in Maryland)
  November 24, 2013

This game is great pretty much every thing is great in this game.The music is great,its fast and reflects what your doing sometimes I would pause the game to just hear the music it's that good. The controles are very resposive and well made with such a wired controler youd think they would mess it up but nope it's all good.The story is good as well you would think a game about you being a grahitiest in Japan would have a wired story, well it dose and weird charecters as well,but for this game it works well it imbrases it's weirdness and acepts it going over the top but knowing it. The game play will consist of you spray painting over rival gang grifiti or grifiting new territoy in Tokyo, sometimes getting to spray the rival gangs to make sure there not coming back , you will have to do this through many well made stages while the police try to hunt you down and kill you, yah kill you not arest you and its also a race agenst the time limit to get these obgectives done. You can play as 3 diffrent charecters from the start called Beat,Gum, and Tab I use Tab mostlly though because his boiler suit and beinie hat that covers his eyes are weird and I like it. You can unlock new charecters with diffrent stats through out the game but onlt 2 re recuerd to unlock to beat the game. The stats are speed determing how fast you are, your heath determing how many faceplants from falling and bullet wounds you can take, and you grafiti that determinds how good your grafiti speed will be. I'm not going to spoil the plot so go out and get this game as soon as possible.

One of the best Dreamcast games (Christopher in Ontario)
  June 21, 2013

One problem. The case was cracked along with my other game. It could be packaged better. The disc was in great condition and overall I'm happy. One of the best games the Dreamcast has to offer. Its cheap too, pick it up. Although if your gonna buy a Dreamcast game, buy it with a lot of other games so it doesn't get damaged.

A gem among gems (Daniel in Manitoba)
  January 26, 2013

The Dreamcast had a whole cast of gems. Jet Grind Radio stacks up with the best on the Dreamcast. Great level design, great music, and a quirky story make this game really unique. There's no good way of describing this game, it's one to be experienced for sure.

"Entertaining, Challenging, and Addictive" (Dontrel Murphy in Texas)
  March 16, 2012

I like the cartoonish design and the characters. The graphics are great, and the music is quite interesting.

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