Reviews for Metropolis Street Racer

Reviews for Metropolis Street Racer for Sega Dreamcast

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Right on the game that started the PGR series for the Xbox and Xbox 360 (Eric Frendo-Cumbo in Ontario)
  April 12, 2013

I really enjoy this game but at first it takes sometime to understand what you have to do beat the game. To beat this game you have to get Kudo's which will unlock more levels and cars in the game. Kudo's is achieved by your skill of driving and doing sharp turns. To achieve more points you can beat race objectives by increasing the time you think you can beat for a race, selecting what position you think you can achieve for a race or how many cars you can pass for a race. The game can be quite difficult but if you learn the curves you'll get right into this game. The graphics are top notch for the Dreamcast and at times you'll see there will be slight framedrops in some races however this will not interfere with the gameplay.

If you didn't know this already this was the game that started the PGR series for the Xbox and Xbox 360. The only reason why the MSR name didn't carry on was Bizarre Studio's didn't hold the rights to the name.

Great Game! Prequel to Project Gotham Racing (Dinky in Texas)
  January 3, 2013

Bizarre Creations is probably more well known for Project Gotham Racing series on Xbox, but this is where it all started. This game is all about drifting and speed! It even has the kudos system in it and the radio stations! Great game!

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