Reviews for Sega Saturn Console

Reviews for Sega Saturn Console for Sega Saturn

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What happened? (Boris in Russia)
  January 31, 2016

There hasn't been a single one for sale in a year?

Sega Saturn is a great game console. (Herngut in Texas)
  December 16, 2013

I bought my Sega Saturn in late 1997 and still functions very well and play alot. It has a great library of games especially arcade type of video games.

Love our Sega Saturn Console (Pablo Gonzales in California)
  July 28, 2013

The console arrived as promised. Kids are very happy playing the retro games. Thanks from California!

Saturn rocks! (Darren in Newfoundland and Labrador)
  June 27, 2013

miss sega consoles love saturn!

Classic Underrated Console (LGJ in Louisiana)
  May 16, 2013

The sega saturn i recieved was n real good condition. I play it like almost every day probably the most underrated system. It has great fun games like virtua fighter 2 sonic 3d blast and panzer saga. Its a must buy if u like classic arcade classics

Great old school system (Juan fransisco in Arizona)
  April 26, 2013

Fun game system

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