Reviews for Extreme G 3 XG3

Reviews for Extreme G 3 XG3 for Gamecube

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Great game. Just like i remembered it (Jacob in New Mexico)
  February 8, 2016

No problems with the game. Only once did it freeze and had to restart the game cube. Other than that it's great.

Super ride (Bozo King in Quebec)
  November 15, 2012

The general appearance and the visual experience are great.

Not like Extreme G 1 and 2 (Jon in Florida)
  May 2, 2012

It's a fair racing game but for some reason the developers really deviated from the awesome money machines that their first 2 instances were. This is a typical racing game where there are no random weapons, no variance in vehicles, realistic boring tracks, and very different gameplay. I only gave it 2 stars and not 1 because it is an ok generic racing game. This would probably appeal more to fans of normal racing games.

I bought it here, it showed up as advertised and worked with no issues.

Title is deceiving. If you read it and what the developers say, then it seems to imply that this is part of the Extreme G bike racing game series from N64, but it obviously isn't once you start playing. I thought it would be similar to the old games with homing missiles, Nitros, blowing up vehicles, and maybe some great new bike selections or a modern version of the Neon, Specter, or Roach. NO The bikes are all the same. Instead of handling, acceleration, speed, shield and weapons... the only differences in selection seem to be driver height, iq, gender, and the racing team (color of vehicle, 5 choices). To be honest I have no idea how any of the things you can select effect the game at all.

Well who cares, as long as the gameplay is cool right? right? This is where it stops being XG. Even if the cars and selections are weird to non existent, as long as the game has lots of missiles, explosions, dangerous jumps, wild tracks, and fast speed across several worlds, then awesome. Nope. Instead of being a realistic looking dark adult badass version Mario Kart, this was a generic racing game. I kept waiting for a weapon box to show up on the track. Then the next track and so on. To top it off, these tracks are boring and uninspired. The added realism makes them feel... plain. I thought, maybe that's just the first set of tracks. Nope. First, there aren't many tracks. Second, there is not much to see in the environment in this game. Stuff is so far away from the track that it feels slow no matter what the mph says. All the tracks remind me of nascar more than XG 1-2 which is sad. I've seen street racing games with wilder tracks, really. And that's sad considering the title here. Weapons? No more charging lasers and shields. no missiles, no homing weapons, mortars, traps, mines, blasters, bombs, or shields or anything cool really. This game just features a simple machine gun, yup, that's it. It generally is only useful in slowing down other bikes, I've been unable to blow anyone up yet, I'm not sure if you even can. This is a huge change when in previous XG games one could win a race by blowing up every other bike/player.

I have no idea what they were thinking when they made this. This title is the death of Extreme G. Now I know why it is $5. This is a tragedy.

To be fair, it's an ok generic racing game and the machine gun does make it different than a typical street bike game if you are into that. It just sucks so bad in comparison to Extreme G 1 and 2 for N64 that this can't be anything to me besides disappointing.

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