Reviews for UFC 2009 Undisputed

Reviews for UFC 2009 Undisputed for Xbox 360

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Great game (Dusty in Oklahoma)
  May 5, 2018

This one my son loves and since we rarely watch ufc fights it does not matter to him that the age of the game does not provide current fighters. It is pretty amazing how the announcer calls the fight as it happens as if it is happening live right in front of you. Great graphics, movement, and realism.

Unstoppable (Knockout world heavy weight champion )
  April 20, 2017

I couldn't put it down I found myself sucked into the story mode and I enjoyed every minute of it do the power hits and kicks yes missions takedowns Clinton yes I know how to block all the to all those things and reverse all of them the aspect is it good feature I suggest training and spawn every other chance you get I have rendezvous about this game I picked it up I couldn't stop playing it I mastered it it took me about 3 weeks and I'll plan and I'm plannin to replay it and be there faster this time it was a good day I spent $3 and some change and I had prices of Mount of fun if you like fight games you love this game I would love this game to buy other games like it

Great Game (Cheryl Ann Branton in Mississippi)
  January 23, 2015

Grandson says AWESOME game. He. Loves it

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