Reviews for Network Adaptor

Reviews for Network Adaptor for Playstation 2

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great (speedysteve in Missouri)
  July 25, 2018

great item thank you

Great! (Aleksej in Russia)
  July 21, 2018

Arrived quite fast in a near pristine condition, works perfectly! I can finally put my PS2 games on HDD or on a network share and don't have to bother with burning DVDs or suffering through freezing when playing from USB.

Just awesome (Sergey in Russia)
  February 18, 2018

never thought that ps2 gaming could be so fun and easy. just plugged my 250 gb ide hard drive full of isos to my ps2 and really enjoy. thanks from cold Russia for fast shipping! with love.

working perfect, for online ps2 gaming (Cristiano Rosa in Portugal)
  June 26, 2016

working perfect, for online ps2 gaming

Excellent (Ilia in Russia)
  February 14, 2016

Good quality; great price; fast shipping.

The best option for load iso games (Antonio in Puerto Rico)
  February 11, 2016

The network Adapter work perfectly.Thank you very much

GREAT PRODUCT (Anonymous in Georgia)
  February 21, 2015

Fast shipping,good quality and best price.

Best Seller (Pawat Nak-on in Thailand)
  November 20, 2014

Good Quality, Good Condition, Fast Shipping and Good Take Care

Best Seller (Pawat Nak-on in Thailand)
  November 20, 2014

Good Quality, Good Condition, Fast Shipping and Good Take Care

Good addon (Marco in Spain)
  November 13, 2014

If you have a ps2 called "fat" (not "slim" ones) you can use this adaptor. When ps2 has connection to internet you could use this adaptor in the fat ps2 console to play online some games. Also this adapter could allow to put in an hd disk so some games could run faster. Nowadays you can use this function to put an ide hd disk and put in games in case your console has a charging method (chip or cogswap).

For chip owners:) (marco in Spain)
  February 11, 2013

If you have a called FAT ps2 and it is hacked (by chip or with blue cd-dvd)and also have a IDE hard disk, you can put games throught your computer to the hard disk (isos) and use them in your console withouth no use of the dvd lens. So it may allow to have a ps2 with a longer live. Also, it seems to me that loading times are lower than with the disc game.

Product in excellent conditions (Marcio in Maryland)
  January 24, 2013

I was looking for a PS2 Network Adaptor to replace my broken one and this product worked perfectly!

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