Reviews for Super Mario Galaxy 2

Reviews for Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Wii

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GOD, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! (Carmine Fiumano in New Jersey)
  June 23, 2016

If you've played Super Mario Galaxy, I HIGHLY recommend you buy this game. You don't even nessicarily need to have played the first one, but it'll definitly give a little back story.

This game contain all of the fun from Super Mario 64 to Sunshine in a new world, or in this case, galaxy. If you're a fan of Mario and/or Nintendo, I would HIGHLY recommend this game.

Just as Fun as SMG (Camatron in Washington)
  April 29, 2016

Just more of the same with new power ups and Yoshi!

fun game, like the first (jd in Alabama)
  December 31, 2012

i miss the platformer marios, and turn based 2 player, but this is just as good as the first smg in my opinion

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