Reviews for Wii HD Component Cable

Reviews for Wii HD Component Cable for Wii

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Works as needed. Great for price. (Ian in Alabama)
  March 31, 2017

HD Component Cable works on my 1080i (yeah, it's a little old) Sony TV. Great for the price!

Games look more realistic (Mrs. Robinson in Alabama)
  March 17, 2016

I should have bought this sooner. I really like the way it makes my games look.

works perfect (Claudio Flores in Chile)
  March 2, 2015

Strong cable, good quality, perfect. Thanks JJGames

exelent condition (Kevin in Chile)
  January 3, 2015

Muy buen producto, recomendado para los que compran en latinoamerica, se demora un poco pero llega y sin problemas

Made kids happy it was fixed. (Ruth King in Georgia)
  April 10, 2014

Lost cheaper than the stores around here.

Highly recommended for HDTV (Happy in Malaysia)
  July 13, 2013

Stop using AV (red white yellow) cable on HDTV! Use HD aka component (red green blue + red shite) cable instead for stable, clear and clean signal. Plus, it also helps you play foreign aka different region games directly, no need to tweak loader settings. Make sure you set Wii screen setting to HDTV/EDTV (480p).

Even the manual in Grand Slam Tennis recommends component cable for best quality.

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