Reviews for Call of Duty Black Ops

Reviews for Call of Duty Black Ops for Playstation 3

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The best (Nash in Puerto Rico)
  March 3, 2019

It is a great game, it arrived fast, although it is used is in good condition. I hope to continue buying more often from this store.

Bad disc? (Anonymous)
  July 7, 2016

The game doesn't work

Fun (Robert Willis in Mississippi)
  February 5, 2016

Love it

Cool game (Tommy Hernandez in California)
  September 3, 2015

A good game worth your money and time

Still love the original (Andrew)
  July 17, 2015

it never gets old to play this with friends

Great game (VINCE Taylor in Alabama)
  June 26, 2015

I really enjoyed playing this game. ITS really fun and the campaign mode was very interesting

fun (Anonymous)
  June 1, 2015


good game (shehzad masood in Maryland)
  April 4, 2015

it;s same like other call of duty...

Best Game Ever... 4 Real! (Adam Vazquez in Puerto Rico)
  March 27, 2015

It's one of my favorite C.O.D.!

Quick and cheap (Taylor in Massachusetts)
  March 5, 2015

This site is very cheap which I really like and the disk is scratch free I don't play it much because I don't have much time so only paying 13$ total is a great deal. I tracked the package and it was at my post office in like 3-4 days only problem was I live in Massachusetts and the post office lost my package because of snow storm but I got it 2 days after calling and finding out it was lost

fun (Anonymous)
  February 21, 2015

It was a good game.

good condition (Anonymous in Texas)
  January 3, 2015

Game was for kids, they are happy so all is good.

excellent condition (Princess'Jamaica in United States)
  November 2, 2014

My son love this game

excellent condition (Princess'Jamaica in Alabama)
  November 2, 2014

My son love this game

never received it (Anonymous in Alabama)
  October 29, 2014

I contacted them, they stated it was delivered. I never received the game. I opened up a case in PayPal and they still didn't work with me to resolve this issue. Never dealing with them again.

works like new! (cp mitchell in Florida)
  July 17, 2014

I will buy my next game from JJ GAMES

el mejor (daniel in Chile)
  June 9, 2014

el mejor de la saga black ops

awesome game (Jonathan in Florida)
  February 15, 2014

I play it a lot, I love playing zombies.

5/5 Would bang (Michele in Arkansas)
  January 23, 2014

The game has always been one of my favorites since it came out. A lot of people still play it also. Website! Play Black Ops with me! (HeyCheleyoz)

Great game (K7eiko in Utah)
  March 3, 2013

Lottsa fun.

A decent shooter (Daniel in Manitoba)
  December 25, 2012

Singleplayer is fun, but don't expect a grand story. It's a story filled with flashbacks, slow motion action, and cheesy scenes. It's still a satisfying experience, and one worth taking a look at.

Online is what Call of Duty is known for. Treyarch put together a number of good maps and refined the Call of Duty experience. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it does the job.

Great Game (Kinglego2 in Florida)
  May 3, 2012

I have played this game since it came out also I'm surprised that I haven't gotten bored of it yet.

The DLC is great there are around 10 zombie maps and 20-30 Multi player maps My favorite Zombie map would have to be Moon, you start out on Earth kill a few zombies then run to the teliporter where you then get zapped to the moon where you proceed in killing as many zombies as you can till you die. I made it to round 51 on the first day of downloading it took me and another player 9hours to do it .

The multi player maps are good but i prefer to kill zombies. My favorite MP map would have to be WMD on the site it says "Abandoned Soviet base" big map and good plays-es to hide.

Call of Duty: Black Ops on Playstation 3 (Paul D. Kerrigan Sr. in Georgia)
  April 27, 2012

Now I have not played the full yet, but I have played the demo and can tell you the game is great and is not to hard too play at all. I recommend if you like old and new war games then get this one today.

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