Reviews for Move Controller

Reviews for Move Controller for Playstation 3

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Great price and battery is still good (Kevin B in Indiana)
  August 7, 2018

The best price I could find for a used PS Move motion controller from a retailer. Item came in very good shape and battery took a charge normally. I've been using it for a few weeks now and for me it is as good as new.

Don't know why you people give this place a bad rep (Marshal in Colorado)
  January 10, 2017

Got this PS3 move controller to sync up with my PS4 Pro VR setup, worked like a charm, no issues at all. Will order from this place again. Keep up the solid work guys!

P.S. You will need a micro USB cable (the ones for like the Razer phones) NOT the PS4 cables!

Best Game Ever Made (sylviane castagnet in Mauritius)
  April 27, 2014

very good

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