Reviews for Xbox 360 Slim Console 250GB

Reviews for Xbox 360 Slim Console 250GB for Xbox 360

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Great console (Anonymous in New York)
  June 2, 2017

Looks like new. When i got it, it had no visible scratches. Functions perfectly.

Excellent for this Console (Charles Dodgen in Texas)
  August 6, 2016

You can not go wrong in owning this console. 250GB is plenty os storage space for me. Connect to XBOX LIVE to download demo games and purchase games. XBOX 360 is a better choice than Playstation 3, because early days the games were better. So in order for Playstation 3 to complete, they decided to use the same games as XBOX 360.

X box 360 (Anonymous)
  March 18, 2016

I definitely recommend JJ Games to get your gAMEING SYSTEMS

Good system (Virgil in Alabama)
  February 22, 2016

I think the last one I got was in better shape this one full of dust seems to run okay no problem so I give it 4 stars

  February 14, 2016


xbox 360 (Carlos in Massachusetts)
  January 24, 2016

Xbox 360 works great but the av cable that came with it didn't work when i hooked it up so i hooked up tje hdmi cable and it worked over all it's a great system

GREAT DEAL. (Katie in Washington)
  January 8, 2016

This is a good deal for a console with this much storage. It only came with cosmetic damage, which doesnt matter at all to us! I reccommend jjgames for anyone looking to buy themselves an xbox this big!

Great console (Alisha Roberson in Georgia)
  January 5, 2016

I was pleasantly surprised with the game console. I will definitely use this site again!

Good Value, Great condition. (Shelley Thompson in Michigan)
  November 6, 2015

Great value and condition. Still playing console and will recommend site for purchase to friends, as well as use in the future!

Fun for Adults (Erik U. in Illinois)
  October 9, 2015

Console works good. Had controller issue but sent me a replacement right away.

Works Well n My Kids n I Enjoy Playing It. (Ishanti)
  June 24, 2015

So far so good and we've had no problems with the Xbox 360 game console I ordered from you but had issues with the four games I also ordered, I have returned them with a note as to what I'd like to do pertaining to those games I returned; I was hoping I could get those same games in Xbox 360 versions except the Samurai game but haven't even had recognition of my return received n signed for. That is not good, we didn't like those games; I don't like how it seems like I'm being ignored and would either like games of equal trade or a full refund for the price of those games so I can either order more or get my kids something else.

Works well. (Mel in California)
  June 7, 2015

It does its job. Arrived in very good condition.

"the best xbox 360 system i've had so far" (James.J in Ohio)
  March 8, 2015

Great video game system and one if not the best xbox 360 i've had up till this point and has a lot of hdd exactly 250gb and thats excellent.Thanks jjgames.

Great console (Greg in Utah)
  February 3, 2015

The power outlet in the console was out of position but still able to connect to power brick everything else works great!

Great (Greg in Utah)
  February 3, 2015

The power outlet in the console was out of position but still able to connect to power brick everything else works great!

Nice game console (John H. in Alabama)
  January 7, 2015

It's a great console although I thoght it was going to have a lot less scraches then I expected. It works excellent though, looks better than most I've seen in pawn shops and stuff. Nice price too

Best buy (Jason b in Alabama)
  January 1, 2015

I got what i ordered clean and new, very fun. Great buy

Cool (Ggggg in Cayman Islands)
  January 1, 2015


Works great! (Dave H in Idaho)
  December 11, 2014

Scratch on the front was mentioned in the summary, prior to the order. It is barely visible. I've had zero problems with my new Xbox 360.

best purchase made (marilyn in New York)
  July 28, 2014

The system has worked perfectly since the day it arrived! The price was perfect too! I recommend this site to all my friends and family!!

it was ok (Lew in Texas)
  July 11, 2014

I didn't get sent the picture I selected, but instead I got sent the xbox out of all of the selections I didn't want. Had scratches along the side, and had some dried up spill on the side too. Other than that it was a good process. Xbox does work fine, just a little worn, was sad when I opened the box and found out it wasn't the xbox I selected in the picture.

very good game products (Roy Nelson in Honduras)
  January 11, 2014

very good game products

Very Good (Turner in Maryland)
  December 15, 2013

The system came on Time and worked fine.

very good (Roy Nelson in Honduras)
  September 19, 2013

I think is a very goo purchase

great xbox it was a good deal for my money and worth it ( in Texas)
  January 17, 2013

The console is great the cord that goes to the tv did not work it took a long time to get replasement then yall sent the wrong one you sent cord that pluges in to the wall

Bull. (Kyle Michaud in Connecticut)
  November 28, 2012

Got the old Xbox. No wifi built in. I am not happy.

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