Reviews for Final Fantasy Tactics

Reviews for Final Fantasy Tactics for Gameboy Advanced

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So many hidden gems (Nathan Sinclair in New Zealand)
  June 27, 2019

I'm impressed by the battles which are hardly ever boring due to the various combos you can do between characters. Getting access to powerful weapons and magic early game is also amazing. I enjoy getting access to hidden characters too. The only thing I might say in critique is, they should have added difficulty to the game. It's possible to try matches that are beyond you to an extent, but maybe add a dungeon or mode that allows you to change difficulty of encounters would be fun.

Must have (Aaron Wong in Malaysia)
  November 1, 2018

Breakaway from the normal FF RPG

Good for FF Collector (Ben in Indonesia)
  May 11, 2018

Game is good but not great.. as a FF collector, i enjoyed it .. Thank You JJ Games

Nostalgia! (Carlos W. in Illinois)
  July 13, 2015

Great if you like turn based action, a variety of classes, a brilliant storyline, great length (50+ hours). But after playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2, I can see where the game could have been better. Still a great game for those who like long hours of play or short playtime.

Great! (Anonymous in Ohio)
  June 8, 2012

I really love this game just because ITS FINAL FANTASY ON THE GO!!!! This was my first ff game.I rember buying a few games when I got my gameboy..We got fire emblem,Golden sun,wwe,and this! I would really reccomend this awesome game!!!

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