Reviews for Playstation System

Reviews for Playstation System for Playstation

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Great!! (Denise Barnett in Alabama)
  April 1, 2019

Excellent condition of all items! Purchased a PlayStation console, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy 1 and 2 games. Later ordered a Life game. This is a great place to find hard to find items at a low price. Very satisfied.

Great buy (Randy in North Carolina)
  March 15, 2019

Great buy. I play it alot

Good system (Tineisha E. in California)
  October 31, 2018

Im only giving it 4/5 because the open button gets jammed alot and wont close properly. But its not a huge issue.

Awesome (C.C. in Arkansas)
  October 13, 2018

Great deal and works great

Memory lane (Josh Roden in Tennessee)
  July 23, 2018

I hadn't played a plays tatting in years and have been very delighted to be able to do so again.

Playstation fun (Joan Alonzo in Colorado)
  June 8, 2018

I am so glad that you have this unit offered for sale. My son has worn out several units, just by playing the games everyday. So I hope you have more for the future.

Good! (Parmajohn3374)
  May 28, 2018

I play it alot, but the one i ordered came with a real controller, they gave me another one with a fake controller, and it skips the games, otherwise really good console

Great quality (Heather in Alabama)
  July 1, 2016

Everything works and fast shippig

so far so good (Ana in New Jersey)
  January 11, 2016

My daughter is enjoying the system and so far so good.

Works great! Weird controller received... (Kevin in Missouri)
  January 9, 2016

I am giving my recent purchase of a used PS1 a 5 outta 5 stars because the system works and that's all that matters. The open button sticks a bit but come on, its old, who cares.

The weirdest part was the controller that I received with the gaming was...a Barbie controller. I didn't even know those existed. I don't really care because the controller works fine but why would you send a man a Barbie controller. I dunno, it was really weird.

The point of the review is praise so don't get me wrong I don't care about the controller (it got a lot of likes on facebook) but it had to be mentioned. Anyway, that's all.

Great ststem (Charlene in Michigan)
  January 4, 2016

My son has been wanting this system because his broke a while back. Was happy to find one for him. It arrived in time for Christmas. I was a little hesitant about buying a used game system but was very pleased when he turned it on and it worked. Very well priced too. I am very satisfied and would buy from JJGames again.

good product (Anonymous in Alabama)
  October 29, 2015

No complaints with this game system keep up the good work in production and quality

? (Random in Alabama)
  October 4, 2015

I wrote a bad review and it was erased

great console (shon in Kentucky)
  April 4, 2015

Always wanted to get the first PlayStation again it's a classic to have.

system did not work (Juanita Delgadillo in Maryland)
  October 20, 2014

The system would turn on, but it wouldn't read any of my games and the controller was not working either.

OLD SCHOOL (Peter in Alabama)
  July 5, 2014

Nice console ,however when I ordered first one after couple hours system stoped read disc when laser moved to the edge of cd ,I send it back ,,JJ gave me another one I paid 35 bucks for console , shipping to them cost me 20 $ all together 55$ for that price I could get with two controllers on ebay .

Playstation (Anthony Wade in Alabama)
  March 20, 2014

Playstation Brings back memories.

Best system ever (Rashad Burnett in Florida)
  November 25, 2013

It brings back memories

very good (Luke Terrill in Alabama)
  May 12, 2013

Works perfectly.

Playstation System, worked great. (Dominick in New Jersey)
  November 5, 2012

The product arrived in good cosmetic condition. At first it would not load any games i tried, after a few attempts at gently cleaning it off and working with the buttons and tray lock a bit more it then started to work. After that i have not had any additional problems with it. The controller and cables that it came with all worked perfectly. Overall i would say i was satisfied with the product.

Excellent! (GSM in Connecticut)
  May 10, 2012

Good condition!

perfect (mario in Alabama)
  February 26, 2012

Cheap nd fun great buy

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