Reviews for Gran Turismo

Reviews for Gran Turismo for Playstation

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great (jhon gamboa in Colombia)
  December 15, 2014

almost new perfct condition

its okay (Jayson Horton in North Carolina)
  February 2, 2014

I purchased this game with the screen uncracked and it arrived cracked. Although through this inconveinece this game is actuallypretty good... For the time it was created.

best game (chris in Ohio)
  October 27, 2013

I have always like this game and still enjoy this game now. You can't go wrong with this one. Great game to add to your collection.

best car game ever (carole kelly in Alberta)
  August 11, 2012

im very hppy with my gift i don t regret buying it

The first real driving experience!!! (Luis E Jimenez in Arizona)
  July 8, 2012

Real cars, amazing graphics, and a very cool experience, gran turismo still is the king of real driving experience!!!

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