Reviews for Gameboy Color System

Reviews for Gameboy Color System for Gameboy Color

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Best handheld console ever!! (voon in Malaysia)
  May 5, 2018

i like it very much..Product still in good quality, all the button still in good condition.

My Review For Gameboy Color I Bought From (Stephen Uccelli in California)
  March 25, 2018

I bought a Gameboy Color and it brings so much fun! Back from day when I was 12 I got first Gameboy Color at Gemco store before they closed during 1978 omg I regretted selling that Gameboy Color with of all games from Donkey Kong 94 well finding jjgames and buying this Gameboy Color I got Donkey Kong 94 which is best game Nintendo in 94 made created I can honestly say its been nothing but blast from the past!I mean this Gameboy Color works and I so happy pleased with what I bought I would totally recommend jjgames after all these years see feel get back something I sold many years ago to finally find true treasure from past sitting in my collecting omg?It runs works I'm no words but just so pleased and happy that I shopped on jjgames website I highly recommend them again I'm a happy customer since I got what sold many years ago back in my possession and original Gameboy Color hey it just cool having it again after all these years well jjgamee thank you!For hey bringing back my childhood memories and especially this Gameboy Color you sold me it a thing of beauty I'm pleased and with my Gameboy Color and happy I shopped at your online store again you guys rock!Well hope this review helps if you want Gameboy Color to relive your past brings awesome childhood memories shop at jjgames because you won't regret it again im happy customer too!Thank you again

Fun! (Wanda in Florida)
  March 21, 2018

Came in in great condition, my son loves it!

My son loves it! (Wanda in Florida)
  March 8, 2018

Great condition, ir works perfectly!

Great Gaming System (Ashton in Virginia)
  August 18, 2016

I bought the game boy color and it was it great condition when I received it. I have always loved game boy colors and I am very ecstatic to have been able to buy one for such a great price.

Great item (Tyson Dennison in Nebraska)
  March 27, 2016

Its perfect just like when I was a kid!!!

fun for son (dishika in Louisiana)
  March 26, 2015

Bby loves it

Great Retro Handheld (Anonymous )
  January 4, 2015

I bought this from in "Good" Condition it came in about two days before it was supposed to come! Would recommend getting one. Besides a few scratches and some dirt pretty good. Might want to mod the screen. Would buy from JJGames again! :)

Awesome and in good condition (Seth in Pennsylvania)
  April 10, 2014

I was a little skeptical about ordering this because I haven't heard the best about jjgames but when I got the gameboy it was almost flawless. It has one tiny scuff on the back and it works great. For free shipping it wasn't bad, it arrived in about 3 days. Thanks jjgames.

great just an amazing retro device and my kids love it (Anonymous)
  February 22, 2014

A long time ago my son's grandmother got him a gbc and then when he got gba he passed it down too my other son and my son is now in college and my other son is 12 and my doughter 7 and they play it in the car so much at school at the park at the doctor on car trips and in the house my kids love the crazy castle siress and the mario games and donkey kong county and donkey kong land 1 and 2 and 3. They also love spongebob the golden spaphilla and tazmaa and the wario games. My son also loves the pokemon games and bomber man to them there is so mch fun in that little thing me myself I love tetris and pong and pac man the game boy color is a most have for you and your kids this is something everyone with kids shouldhave it's even better if you drive arond alot say if you need to pick your kids up from school or if you need too pick them up from the game or packtice or if you need too take them to the doctor or too the store allaround great to have another idea is too have a wii u in the living room and a game cube in their room

it plays as i remembered screen too dark (linda in Alabama)
  October 27, 2013

too dark but i remembered it now

AWESOME! (Jordan in Arizona)
  August 16, 2013

I got it 3 weeks and it works its in perfect condition works

Great quality (Robert in Quebec)
  July 5, 2013

The gameboy color I ordered was and still is great it is used but you can't get any new ones now a days so it is great- Everything came just right there is nothing that is broken! It was great.

Fun system (Anonymous)
  May 26, 2013

a good system to play old games on

Just as I remember (Glen in New Zealand)
  April 11, 2013

Awesome purchase. Arrived in mint condition and plays just like new.

Great (Anonymous)
  March 30, 2013

Its just what I wanted!

One of the best systems ever made (N. in Ontario)
  August 12, 2012

The Game Boy Color is one of the most iconic handhelds ever made. I am really satisfied with my order from JJ Games, they helped bring back so many wonderful memories, and at such a great price! Definitely a great buy.

fun for kids and best game player ever (logan in Tennessee)
  May 15, 2012

love it it is awesome!

For the Retro Lovers (Anymous in Delaware)
  April 3, 2012

Amazing, what can I say? Some games are better than the ones we have now!

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