Reviews for Super Mario Advance 2

Reviews for Super Mario Advance 2 for Gameboy Advanced

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A true classic. (Anonymous in Texas)
  June 17, 2016

Do i really need to say something about this game? Its just awesome and fun. You need to play it.

Still the best (Anonymous)
  August 27, 2015

Awesome game, still very fun and challenging!

I buy more of the best (George in Alabama)
  February 20, 2014

Cool man thank's I have something to do if you know what I main.

Good game all I got to say (Joe in Ohio)
  May 6, 2013

Good game I would recommend this to people who like yoshi

Great game (Sumney in Bermuda)
  August 15, 2012

This game is a fun, great game for all ages! It has a mix of easy and challenging levels and is of super quality. Good for all Mario fans!

really good (Oliver Lopez in Ontario)
  August 12, 2012

thanks to this game, it isn't so hard now now that I don't need to use the SNES version now.

Perfect Port (Steve Pourciau in Louisiana)
  June 6, 2012

Awesomely fun and endlessly challenging, It's the exact same game you remember from years ago. Absolutely nothing has changed in this perfect port of the game to the more powerful, though smaller, console of the Gameboy Advance. If you're playing on an SP version then you'll be able to play Super Mario World anytime, anywhere. I love it.

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