Reviews for Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron

Reviews for Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron for PSP

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Great condition (Dennis in Alabama)
  August 24, 2017

Received it in great condition, like I always do on this site. Looking forward to using this site again

Fun and great star wars game. (Mario De La Pena in Florida)
  March 14, 2016

This Star Wars game is awesome and addicting. The customization is a plus feature in the game.

Great! (Zach in Indiana)
  February 13, 2016

Great game, good gameplay, and great graphics for the psp. Looks evn better than star wars battlefront 2 on psp!

Great game BUT (me in Illinois)
  February 17, 2015

NO CLONES WAR GALACTIC CONQUEST! Love the ability to choose your gear and abilities, and the TIE Defenders and B-wings and space heroes, BUT SERIOUSLY, NEEDS CLONE WARS GC! There is instant action and new maps/heroes, but still needs GC.

Not bat at all (Erik in Arkansas)
  May 17, 2012

It was super cheap so I didn't expect much. Its not the best game by any means, but for the price, totally worth it.

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