Reviews for Resistance 3

Reviews for Resistance 3 for Playstation 3

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Good game (Anonymous)
  March 1, 2016

Game is in very nice condition . It took longer than it was supposed to for me to get it but it was usps fault and not jj games. All the games I have received from this company have been in excellent condition.

great (Leonardo in Chile)
  November 17, 2014


Engaging campaign (Happy in Malaysia)
  July 16, 2013

This is the finale of the trilogy but you can play by itself because it has a new hero (old hero was killed by new guy because he turned into a chimera, the enemy) and has enough flashback for past reference. But you're most likely to enjoy the whole set.

  • engaging story layered with journals and audio logs that create a good, immersive atmosphere
  • focuses on humanity than military: not your common USA vs Nazi, Russia junk. In fact, every nation is supportive of one another (alternate universe btw)
  • weapon wheel allows many weapons to be carried--unrealistic but fun
  • non-regenerative health
  • has cheats for regenerative health, mirror mode, HUD-less mode etc

  • magnum acts more like a launcher for switch-activated grenades when upgraded

  • competitve multiplayer (deathmatch, capture flag etc) is online only
  • survivor mode (you fight grims; grims don't use weapons like chimeras) is frustratingly difficult and/or dull
  • the implied ending (based on photos during credits roll, not campaign cutscenes) don't make sense

Between these Sony FPS exclusives, Resistance has better single player campaigns while Killzone has better multiplayer, both online and offline (bots).

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