Reviews for Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

Reviews for Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution for Playstation 2

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Cool fighting game for PS2! (Alexander in Russia)
  July 13, 2017

"Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution" is jne of the best fighting games for Sony PlayStation 2! The game has good graphics, good sound effects, different characters with different fighting styles and cool gameplay. This is one of the most honest fighting games, because there are no different fireballs, unthinkable super moves, taking more than half of the life scale, there are only hands, legs and your reaction. And the battles are going pretty fast.

great title, controls like buttah (evan in Alabama)
  August 11, 2015

a character for every fighting style,truly. If you even have the slghtest fancy you might enjoy this game or at least have a loose interest in fighters as a genre PICk UP. Loads of fun to play no matter the skill level, but lends itself to juicy expertâ– level combos crisply & concisely.

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