Reviews for Forza Motorsport 4

Reviews for Forza Motorsport 4 for Xbox 360

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  October 9, 2017


Best racing game ever! (Thomas Kays in Arizona)
  September 8, 2016

This is by far the best racing game I've ever played. Realistic cars and tracks. I love this game!

Reminds me of Gran Turismo but better (Isaac in Michigan)
  July 28, 2016

Great game, really fun in single and multiplayer.

Very good (Al M in Kentucky)
  June 23, 2016

Like new, no problems.

good game (trav in Yukon)
  September 28, 2015

I like this game and so do my son .. and it works good .. thanks

Awesome Game, Great Price, Good Delivery (Theomega76 in Washington)
  October 30, 2014

Instead of rating this game, i feel this form would be better used to rate this website. This was the first time i ever ordered from them, and i was kinda like "Is this a legit site, how can they be so cheap?!?!" However the one thing i ALWAYS look for on any site I'm ordering from is whether they have PayPal as a checkout option. Because if the site uses PayPal, even if they do try and rip you off somehow, e.g. "The item is back-ordered" or "we never got your invoice request", one chat with PayPal and they will almost always refund your money. Anyways the site is real, easy to navigate, and best of all CHEAP! Each game has the condition the disc is in, whether it comes in the case, as opposed to just a paper CD sleeve, and they even have pictures of each available copy of whatever game you're looking at. What makes them even more badass, is that the pictures that correspond to each game copy are ACTUALLY a picture of that specific disc. As opposed to LITERALLY every other site I've ever been to where they just use the same exact image for every single similar product. That has to be one of the most annoying things, generally i click on different versions of something because i WANT to see the subtle differences between them. So i wanted to specifically gives JJGames a huge thumbs up for that, the picture of the disc/item that is related to the copy of the game you buy is actually exactly what you will receive when you order it. Overall awesome site, easy to use, good shipping times, pretty damn big selection of products, and again very very cheap. I will definitely order from them again every time i want a new game.

Superb! (Sam in Florida)
  January 27, 2014


Superb! (Zak in Florida)
  August 31, 2013

Excelent game! The best of it's generation!

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