Reviews for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Reviews for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for Xbox 360

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Fast delivery (Pablo in District Of Columbia)
  July 24, 2018

I decided to give this game a try when it became backwards compatible on Xbox One, and so far is not a disappointment. As for the buying/delivery process, it was really easy to buy this product and the conditions were as stated. They delivered the game ahead of the estimation time of arrival. So far, I'm pleased with JJGames.

Add to the collection of one best FPS series of all time (Gary Covin in Pennsylvania)
  June 7, 2018

The campain mode is much better than MW2. Multiplayer is slightly better with a few graphical improvements. Good game to get before the regression of Call of Duty games (Advanced, Black Ops 3). No where close to the pinicale that laid the foundation of the series (Black Ops 1 and 2, Modern Warfare 1, World at War, COD 2 and 3) which are still incredible to play even to this day.

Great Game (Ben in Oregon)
  March 9, 2017

Disc came in great condition. I've been dying to play this game for song long and jjgames made it so easy!

Great Quality (Art in California)
  May 30, 2016

Fast Shipping, Almost Brand New

Great item. Like new. (Melissa Bloomfield in Ohio)
  March 18, 2016

This item was as described and in like new condition. As always, great quality, good delivery time. Very satisfied with this purchase as well as all previous purchases. Love JJ games.

Awesome (Matt in Texas)
  February 3, 2016

Best call of duty game ever

Blew me away (DEATH TO YOU715 in North Carolina)
  November 29, 2015

The campaign multiplayer special ops everything about this game is amazing the ending is super satisfying and the graphics aren't the best but for 2011 there good

awsome gameplay (zoran in North Carolina)
  August 7, 2015

Amazing campaign i like the special ops mode and muliplayer if your a fan of call of duty i would recommend this game

perfect (Christopher Skipper in North Carolina)
  July 4, 2015

No problems,works great..thanks

Single Player is Good, Online is Not. (Steven Whitaker in Oregon)
  June 1, 2015

I have been invested in the story in this series since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It has been very involving and interesting since the very opening cutscene of that game. Following in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and ending in this game, it was very satisfying to the very end. I also enjoy playing the Special Operations missions and survival mode very much, as the blend of skill, stealth and (sometimes) utter destruction has been a blast.

Unfortunately, the online is lacking compared to Modern Warfare 2:

-In CoD: MW2, the maps are very memorable, as are the weapons. I have found a very good balance to each and every weapon, and feel that they have a very good curve in terms of how useful they are. -In terms of the maps, while there are some that I do not personally like, they all have a critical balance between open areas, narrow corridor-ey areas and hiding spots. The action is also very diverse to the entire maps, happening not in just one specific spot, but evenly distributed all across the map. -On top of that, the leveling system is very favorable, with the level of necessary experience needed to level up balanced as you complete a few challenges here and there, but never gaining so much experience off of them that it rushes the growth to Prestige. -Furthermore, the killstreaks feel more satisfying to get, without the confusion that I get from the three different killstreak packages in MW3. All in all, it's very fun and memorable.

On the other hand, there is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer experience. I have played about twenty hours of it, but the problems I find never seem to go away, no matter how experienced I become: -The maps are almost all way to big for what they are trying to accomplish, which is fun gameplay. They lack that balance of open/closed/hiding spaces I mentioned before. This is mainly a problem because I used the combination of those things as landmarks in MW2. In MW3, however, because this balance is gone, I have a very difficult time traversing the maps as I aimlessly wander, hoping to find someone to kill. This is a very big problem that almost turned me off of the multiplayer completely within the first hour. On top of that, they are just not memorable in the slightest to me. -You also level up way too quickly. There are so many challenges in this installment that you unlock multiple challenges every single match, and as a result, you level up much faster. There are also 80 levels to Prestige instead of 70 in Modern Warfare 2, so the level of experience needed to advance to the next level is very low. Because of this, I unlock new weapons and perks so fast that I cannot even get used to the weapons I am already using before I go to try the new one I have just unlocked. -The killstreak system I mentioned previously is also confusing, and I do not like it at all compared to MW2. Top this with the fact that there are no hiding places to throw the Care Packages down (which is my favorite killstreak in both this and MW2), I become very aggravated when I get my CPs stolen. Even when I do get my own CPs, though, most of the killstreak rewards are so useless anyways that I do not feel satisfied when I do get them. -I do, however, enjoy the Spec Ops missions on multiplayer, so that's a plus.

All in all, it was worth it for the storyline and other single player functions, but the online play, which is the focal point of pretty much all Call of Duty games, falls so hard that it makes the game almost not worth buying in the first place.

Great (Jason in Mississippi)
  March 19, 2015

Great price excellent game

very pleased (Dom in Pennsylvania)
  November 24, 2014

The game didnt come with a case but the disc and game is great ty

Great Games (Dapper Dan in Rhode Island)
  November 9, 2014

Ive bought numerous games off this website...and its great! Games always arrive in working condition.. (sometimes the games you receive might come with the original case ect) but never any issues with the games working properly.. There was one time they sent me the wrong game..easy fix . They paid to have it mailed back to them and refunded my purchase with no issues.. and their customer service personnel are very helpful and quick to respond to any emails I send them..

:D (B-RAD in Indiana)
  November 2, 2014

Love it!

the best video game (Jossie O Collazo in Wisconsin)
  July 16, 2014

Is one of the best games of xbox360 wars of all time is my favorite.

Great gameplay and graphics (Kryzk in Chile)
  December 12, 2013

Good single and multi

Great game (Kryzk in Chile)
  November 18, 2013

Very entertaining

Aweoms (Al in N. Mariana Islands)
  June 18, 2013

I didn't expect the CD to look brand new (or even smell brand new). It's a great game for multiplayer. Spec Ops is also good for Co-Op.

Meh (Nicolas Corujo in Uruguay)
  August 20, 2012

Just another call of duty game. You are the same super soldier as always. Same engine as always almost all same weapons as always, MP from south america is extremely laggy (BF3) has no lag whatsoever.

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