Reviews for Sorcerer's Kingdom

Reviews for Sorcerer's Kingdom for Sega Genesis

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Sorcerer's kingdom for Sega Genesis (Michael Wo. in California)
  July 27, 2017

An excellent buy the game works great and it was a hard find. Generally this game is going for 40-80$ and this JJgames company had it for around 14$ including tax. Im willing to be this company has a ton of classic games for much cheaper then Ebay or Amazon or any Retro gaming store. JJgames is an amazing company and I will be willing to buy from them again and I will tell a 1000 people about them.

hidden gem for sure (Tony Wheatley in Texas)
  September 7, 2015

Not many people have the drive to play this vastly underrated game. For some it's a hum drum Shining Force knock off. I just love finding the over 200 hidden items including the invisible weapons shop. I think it's a tad short but just think how great a sequel would be.

Kind of short but surprisingly fun (Jono in Australia)
  February 12, 2014

Finished this game in two days and even thouhh it wasn't the best rpg I had, it was the only game I played for those two days.

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