Reviews for 1080 Avalanche

Reviews for 1080 Avalanche for Gamecube

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A Mixed Bag (Leo Hardins in Ontario)
  April 15, 2012

After playing SSX (both new and old school) and the previous iteration of this series, I decided to get this game to try it out. I have to say this game is just ok.

Probably one thing that's really strange about this game is the lack of the feeling of speed. There are times where you really do go fast, but I find that many of the levels give me such a feeling that you're going really slow. This is particularly evident on those "flatter" stages through the snow resorts. I also found the levels way too short quite often and very narrow. The original 1080 had much longer stages and felt more expansive, even if there weren't too many of them.

Pulling off tricks is extremely strange. It feels really stiff. Maybe because I've played SSX, but it just feels limited, and there isn't much incentive to do them either outside of being able to bowl over your opponent by doing more tricks.

In all, it is a rather disappointing sequel. It's not a terrible game, but it's lacking.

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