Reviews for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Reviews for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for Gamecube

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Excellent Gem (AjSweet in Alabama)
  May 25, 2019

One of the only FF games I haven’t played. Regret missing out on it all those years ago. It’s amazingly fun

Good (Shane in Pennsylvania)
  January 25, 2018

Good with no problems

Classic (Justin in Alabama)
  January 10, 2016

Great game in really good shape came fast too!

Friendship builder (Kat Attack in Utah)
  May 11, 2015

Hot damn this game is amazing! I'm disappointed I never had this as a kid and only now when I'm 20 am I playing it. My best friend told me about it and how she use to play it when she was little but never had any friends to play it with, or the cords for that matter. But now that we're older we play it all the time. I love the graphics and think they should do a redo of this game but for the DS! Anyways this game is great and I love all the characters in it.

Not that good (Jake in Arizona)
  February 27, 2015

Don't like how you complete the year and then you read everything you've already done. The fighting is very simple and I would've rather played with the original turn based fighting style.

Great Game! (Guitto in Brazil)
  May 2, 2012

The game looks great, even in 2012! Enjoy it!

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