Reviews for Halo: Combat Evolved

Reviews for Halo: Combat Evolved for Xbox

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Exactly what I remembered (Jarrod Boyle in Missouri)
  October 5, 2018

Read title. It’s all there.

Best Halo game ever (Richard in Wisconsin)
  May 4, 2018

Love this game, and for a cheap price. Came in perfect condition.

Great copy! (John Edward Benes in Texas)
  April 13, 2017

This was what I expected and more. A quality used copy of a classic game. Thank you JJ games!

Good team game (Rikumugen in Italy)
  September 15, 2016

Best co-op of it's time.

Classic first person shooter (Isaac Sanders in Idaho)
  July 31, 2016

Anyone who owns an XBOX/XBOX 360 is required to play this game and the rest of the series. The first game isn't too difficult and not too long. Highly recommended.

a complex game. it is a great game. (Tim tuck in North Carolina)
  July 16, 2015

A fantastic game. It is incredible.

Very fun game!!! Good condition used thanks!!! (Michael huber in South Dakota)
  July 13, 2015

I like this, one,,, but only tried this one,,, maybe more future<<<

Works great ! Kids love it. (Anonymous)
  June 4, 2015

I Got exactly what I ordered ,works great, and received it fast. I Have bought from JJGames before and will continue shopping with them. Thanks to JJGames for your great items and great customer support.

I liked it (Joel James in Florida)
  January 13, 2015

I played this game when it first came out with friends. I finally own it. I cant play the versus mode w/ myself, atleast i dont think so, but the game is very fun to play and i really enjoy it.

The Best FPS Series EVER! (Cameron Menefee in Tennessee)
  August 9, 2014

This game is pure awesome, and it is my second favorite FPS franchise. If you love FPS games, then this game is definitely for you!

Timeless classic (Matt smith in Ohio)
  March 27, 2014

This game is awesome. Every game I've ever bought from JJ Games has been one Ive played before, so I've known what to expect from the games. The only thing that was unknown was the condition of the games and the service I would get when ordering them. I haven't been disappointed yet. This is an excellent company and source for gamers!

The one that started it all (joe in Florida)
  January 2, 2014

Halo combat evolved also known as halo ce so with that you can see that ce means combat evolved but it also means collector's edition so I wish that halo ce ce exsists(please laugh,pllllleeeeaaasssee).

Well that paraghraph led to nothing but let's now ramble about halo ce.Halo ce is a game for the xbox and for the xbox 360 with it being backwards compatable and the release of halo ce anniversarry.Halo ce is a sci-fi fps that is well known for being a classic and some have even gone to the extent of saying that "halo is the reason why you should buy a xbox" is that true I may ask well after my rambling you well find out.

Graphics Why am I doing graphics first?Well that's because ??? the hard thing is that with this format of review I can't post screen shots so I'll describe it to you.The graphics look dated quite dated and is very basic but that's alright since this game is pretty old(still not that old)that's all I really have to say about the graphics if you want to see it either buy the game,see some screen shots,or watch a vid off of youtube or something.

Gameplay-levels The levels are fun yet long and though this game has less than 10 levels each level is fun and doesn't over do it.

Gameplay-progressing through the game the way to progress through the game is through using your arsenal of weapons to destroy everything and everyone who is apart of the covenant and doing objectives with each and every kill statisfing.

Music the music in the game other than the title screen song is just forgettable.Though the music is forgettable it isn't bad and I never wish to cut off my ears listening to it.The sound effects are fine.

Controls-Warning I've only played this game with S controllers and never used the big old controllers with the game but with that I digress.

Controls The controls are very nice and are very responsive and can be modified within the title screen(not from the pause you can't accsess the options from the pause screen).

Story-warning The story isn't what I thought bad but not grand yeah it's good but I never thought too much of it.

Story-the covenant The story is that well um I know the gist of it but not everything is explained in the game and yes I know that there's halo reach but I have yet to complete it(I didn't put this in the warning because...because...I'm too lazy)from what I know is that the covenant is an army consisting of multiple species consiting(for this game more will join after this game)grunts,elites,jackalls(this is from the name the humans gave them)these 3 are the main ones in the covenant(for the first 2 levels)

Story Now that we've gone over the covenant let's talk more of the story.The covenant is trying to destroy the ship that you're on the,master cheif and capture you.You wake up and uou've been instructed to learn how to play the game change or do nothing to the settings but then you've been alerted that the covenant came and then uou've went to captain keyes were he gave you a pistol and an identaty named cortanabut you've managed to escape through an escape pod and land on halo.

Verdict The game is fun and has has nice characters story and gameplay and I think if you like fps games than I recommend getting this game or the remake.

awesome game (Al in California)
  July 19, 2013

great, classic game

One of the best games ever (Truber in Alberta)
  June 6, 2013

This is a must play for any games lover, the game that started first person shooter to consoles. Amazing story and the gameplay is amazing.

works fine (Williams in Florida)
  May 13, 2013

great game

EPIC! (Ricky in Massachusetts)
  April 3, 2013

My childhood on one disc 5/5

Alot of Fun (Joe Scatena in Pennsylvania)
  December 20, 2012

I am enjoying it

I played Halo 2 first, this is much worse (Toddd in Michigan)
  April 21, 2012

I thought I'd get the first Halo to play some more Halo after playing Halo 2 first.

All the time I played this I could see all the improvements made for Halo 2. I have purchased prior versions of games and many times they don't disappoint, this did.

Halo 2 rocks, this looks like an Atari game from the 80s in comparison. Just get Halo 2, totally improved and better.

chyea buddy! (JT in New Hampshire)
  March 12, 2012

i lost halo then went to gamestop to buy a used one. Come to find out you cant buy used xbox at gamestop any more, Love JJ

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