Reviews for Indigo GameCube System

Reviews for Indigo GameCube System for Gamecube

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An old classic (Jeremiah Matthews in Texas)
  September 15, 2018

The system was in a good condition with minor damage to the bottom. Was replacing a system that had died on us.

Honorable Service (Helena in Arizona)
  August 23, 2018

Never things I got from JJGames have been clean fast shipping and ture to their WORDS -Thank you JJGames

Great Buy (J. Nieves in Georgia)
  July 1, 2018

My grandson is very happy with the system.

Arrived in Great Condition! (DaisyCakes in Massachusetts)
  February 23, 2017

I had been looking for a GameCube to buy as a gift and I was so happy that JJGames shows you the exact console and controller that you will receive, so there's no guessing on the condition of the system. The notes about the condition are also very helpful. I really appreciate seeing the item before I purchase it. And the GameCube was in fantastic shape, packaged very well for shipping, and it turns on just fine and plays games 100% fine. The controller included was in great shape and worked wonderfully. I'm so happy to finally have a website I can trust for purchasing older games/consoles.

Great ststem (Charlene )
  January 4, 2016

Received this game cube system right on time for Christmas. Works great! My son used to have this system years ago until it stopped working. I was a little hesitant about buying a used system but am very pleased with it. He had a lot of the game cube games and was happy to find another system for him.

Nintendo Game Cube System (James Moss Sr in Texas)
  March 9, 2015

The item was received in magnificent condition and works as if it were just manufactured. Very satisfied with the service and product.

Pretty good (Anonymous in California)
  September 7, 2014

I just received my Gamecube and it works great. However, it failed to mention that you get a non-nintendo knockoff controller and a Gamecube RF adaptor, not AV cables. Other than that, it was great.

A Great System that still compares with the best! (Isaac in Alabama)
  May 16, 2014

this system is flawless ; it still ranks with the best of them.

Super (Anonymous in Florida)
  January 19, 2014

Perfect was exactly as described

Excellent console of its generation (Diegokc in Florida)
  June 29, 2013

The console is perfect, and it works perfectly. Recommended if you want a gamecube, please buy from here Greetings from Paraguay.

game system. (casey in Wyoming)
  June 6, 2013

sounded like it was on but never could read any games. the light on the top of the console never turned on as well.

One of the best values in retro gaming. (William in Michigan)
  May 24, 2013

With a rather low price, a wide aray of good quality games available at a value price, and with the addition of a Gameboy Player (sold sepperately), the Gamecube is one of the best values in retro gaming today.

Best favorite nintendo console (Wallace in Georgia)
  February 13, 2013

I love the gamecube because it has good nintendo games and the best color of the gamecube is indigo.

Gamecube System, not to bad. (Dominick in New Jersey)
  November 5, 2012

The product was dirty and had a moderate amount of wear. I was able to clean it up a bit with no problem. The tray open button would sometimes get stuck and the fan did not work as well. Being that it is a used system i understand these minor flaws. It was able to load and play any games without a problem. The left trigger and "Z" button were a little stiff but worked well other than that. All cables and plugs were in good working condition. Overall i was happy with the product.

A timeless system! (Graydon in Alberta)
  July 31, 2012

For its time I think it had great graphics and all its products had great prices!

An Exellent Game (Anonymous in Alabama)
  April 27, 2012

If you liked heavy rain you will really like this.

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