Reviews for Indigo Nintendo Brand Controller

Reviews for Indigo Nintendo Brand Controller for Gamecube

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Very good condition (Thomas L in California)
  August 15, 2019

controller came in great condition

Functional. Official Nintendo Gamecube controller. (Gekthegecko in New Jersey)
  January 21, 2019

Joysticks were a little dirty, but I used a toothbrush to scrub them clean. Some buttons weren't working correctly at first, but a blow into the controller input cable fixed that. Some scuffs on the paint, but they were small and do not affect the controller's performance.

Good price for an official Nintendo controller; you can buy 2 used for almost the same price as 1 new.

Clean controllers (Kelon in Ohio)
  December 20, 2018

Great product, work perfectly.

Amazing (Lee in Alabama)
  February 23, 2015

Other than being a bit grimy from use, the controllers are perfect. No generic controller will be worth your time

it could be worse. (tony in Washington)
  October 23, 2014

the controller came with the top of the joystick practically falling off. I didn't realize the control is going to be in that used of a condition because the picture didn't look like that. I decided to keep the controller because its functioning was still okay but I'm not happy about the thumb pad being so loose and tore up

A+++ (Patch in New Brunswick)
  May 22, 2014


works perfectly (Dan in Pennsylvania)
  November 23, 2013

had two other controllers, one by arsenal that came with buddy's gc and one with no name on it, both sucked and didn't work right. got gc to play ssbm, where controller accuracy and timing are vital, and this made game go from aggravating to addictive, definitely recommend,

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