Reviews for Sonic Adventure DX

Reviews for Sonic Adventure DX for Gamecube

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Awesome (Kyle in New Brunswick)
  April 15, 2017

Loved Sonic Adventure of the Dreamcast. This re-make is perfect for playing the game without hunting down a Dreamcast.

Great! (RUBBADUBBCHUBBS in New Jersey)
  January 28, 2016

This site is the one I use to purchase all my good old games. Never once have they failed me. Everything comes on time and in great condition. Thank you JJ for providing us with such a great way to obtain the oldies, heres to many more years of buying from yall!!!

Tons of Fun!! (Bobbi in Alabama)
  November 24, 2014

My daughter had been looking for this game and could not find it anywhere locally. She was very excited to find it online. This company had a great price so we decided to try it out. Game was in excellent condition and works great!!

The remake of the 1st good sonic game (Joe in Florida)
  January 3, 2014

1st things 1st I don't care for the original sonic games,if I woke up one day and all of the "classic" sonic games didn't exist but all of the modern sonic games exist than I'd wouldn't care so with that I'll begin rambling

Gameplay This is a 3d action adventure game and a good one.(Crud can't think up anything else to say...differences!!!)

Gameplay-differences One thing sega added is that when you double tap a the sonic will jump as usual at the foe...I've just thought about that move... Another thing added is that you can select the character story and their 6 stories some long some short all fun(other than big he fishes,though again fishing is pretty manly).

Music The songs are pretty good and the sound effects are the same

Ghraphics They look dated but again I normally play wii games so the graphics aren't really noticeable.

Verdict Sonic adventure is a fun game that I think every GameCube or wii owner should have.

Okay packaging and quality (Anonymous in Florida)
  July 26, 2013

The graphics obviously aren't going to look as good as something on the Xbox. The quality is ok. It came in a yellow envelope and a paper case for the cd

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