Reviews for Final Fantasy X-2

Reviews for Final Fantasy X-2 for Playstation 2

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love this game (Pamela Biddle in Texas)
  July 23, 2018

great game. looking forward to playing it again.

Best (Christine Ruschmeier in Georgia)
  March 18, 2017

One of my all-time favorite ff games!

Charlie's Angels Rpg basically (Jacobino in Portugal)
  March 14, 2017

Don't have much love for this game, it was basically a totally unnecessary sequel. While the gameplay is good and the battle system is also good, the way they put the game was wierd, the story was wierd, the missions were wierd and it just got too awkward very fast. FFX was way better, even if it had Tidus for the whole ride.

FF X-2 (Natalie J. in Texas)
  December 22, 2015

Ordered with no case or manual, so the disc came in a paper CD slip placed inside a reinforced cardstock envelope.

No scratches or signs of damage and plays perfectly!!

Great Service from JJGAMES, I just bought a bad game! (Ben in North Carolina)
  November 28, 2015

I'm a big final fantasy fan, but had not played any of the games to come out in the last 15 years or so. Being quite behind the times, I recently bought a PS2 because they are dirt cheap now, basically just to play final fantasy. The first game I played was Final Fantasy X and I was blown away. Absolutely loved it. Beautiful environments, great character design (although occasionally annoying voice acting), fun battle and development system, and a stunning soundtrack you would expect from a world class game studio. Only a few hours into the game, I ordered X-2 to be the game I would play next.

I played through Final Fantasy X and was thoroughly satisfied with the gaming experience. I think it's one of the best games in one of the best game franchises ever. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in role playing games.

I popped in X-2, and I couldn't believe how many steps backwards Square Enix took with this game. It doesn't even seem like a Final Fantasy game. It seems like a low-budget knockoff that uses the same environments with worse graphics and very sub par soundtrack. The characters that were brought back from FFX were completely ruined. I thought Yuna was one of the stronger characters in the Final Fantasy series. In FFX she saved the world with beauty and style, and in FFX-2 they brought her back as a ditsy bimbo spice girl. The characters that were added such as Paine, are just flat out lazy and forgettable. The "missions" to find spheres are just plain boring. To upgrade your characters and change abilities you have to change their outfits like they are barbie dolls.

I tried to give this game a chance, but after a few hours in, I decided I had enough. I am a pretty patient person, but I'm not going to keep playing and try to convince myself to like it just because the box says Final Fantasy. The game did not show me any promise or give me any reason to want to know how it developed, and I just couldn't take it anymore.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I think expectations should be high for a Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy X-2 does not belong alongside the other games in the series. Some FF games are better than others, and people have different opinions on which are the best. Even the games that aren't my favorites I respect and can appreciate, and see why others might prefer them. Final Fantasy X-2 is the lone exception to all of this. Square Enix really botched this one up on every level.

I bought the game for less than $4 so I'm certainly not upset about my purchase. It was worth a shot. I will buy from JJGAMES again, it's not they're fault I made a bad choice!

love it! (Anonymous)
  July 7, 2015

amazing game, game came working and in good condition

Decent RPG for the price... (Doctor Who in Illinois)
  March 14, 2015

While many think this is inferior to the first game in this spin off sequel and to other PS2 RPGs and this is partially true, it is still a decent RPG that because of it's minor flaws does not command the high retail or resale value of other RPGs on this console.

Besides that, it is a decent game and should be given a chance, it is not perfect, but few things seldom are.

love it (Anonymous in Alabama)
  January 23, 2015

weird story line but it explains what happened to tidus at the end of 10 as u progress through the game

  January 12, 2013


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