Reviews for Pac-Man Collection

Reviews for Pac-Man Collection for Gameboy Advanced

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Good game (Lloyd )
  April 24, 2018

Perfect work great game for gba great service

Has Problems (Charles D in California)
  January 27, 2017

This is difficult on the small screen of a Game Boy. Even with reading glasses, I lose track of Pac in full screen mode. In scroll mode, the view does not follow Pac, so he gets lost off screen and the ghosts get him. I guess Pac Man just needs a big CRT monitor to see clearly. I routinely get to level 3 on the big screen but never leveled up once in two weeks of this on Game Boy before I gave up.

cool (serge in Quebec)
  December 22, 2014

pac good

Simple Yet Fun (Anonymous in Colorado)
  June 12, 2013

I own the game for Pac-Man alone. The other games are fun but I love having a portable Pac-Man to carry around. It is an old game, but still very fun.

not so good (werty)
  May 6, 2012

The gameboy is so outdated you will be bored out of your mind. the gameboy is so so old.P.S. the games suck!

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