Reviews for Tekken 3

Reviews for Tekken 3 for Playstation

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Awesome (Brandon in New Jersey)
  May 5, 2016

Works great. Looks great.

FUN GAME (Michael Burris in Delaware)
  August 29, 2015

the game came great and is still fun to play. I will definitely order from jjgames again.

spectacular game from my youth. (Anthony in Arizona)
  December 25, 2014

Fantastic game for the ages. Happy to have made this purchase and have a full and complete copy with case and manual along with a great copy of the disk. Can't wait to replay this with my brother and relive the glorious memories I had when it was first released.

el mejor de psx (daniel in Chile)
  September 8, 2014

el mejor de la saga para la psx

Best fighting game for the system (although I play it on my Ps2) (xXIDOLHANDZXx (William C Holland) in Georgia)
  July 4, 2013

The characters, the scenery, the music. You can never go wrong with the Tekken series. I just purchased a copy of Tekken Tag Tournament for Ps2 from you guys. My best character is Eddy Gordo. I have spent countless hours on the arcade mode. I never get tired of it. Also, I found no bugs in the game. Overall one of the best fighting series of all time.

I got this classic for a steal! (Happy in Malaysia)
  February 25, 2013

Thank God it's not $100s like Final Fantasy. :-D

Delivery: Took two weeks but at least 4 days earlier than estimated.

The product: The CD (bottom-side) works fine on my modded NTSC-J PSOne but the CD label (top-side) has pretty visible smudges. Wish they'd clean it.

The game: I have Tekken 6 and Tag Tournament 2 and despite Tekken 3's less capable graphics, it'll always be the most memorable one because it has Tekken Ball, Gon and every characters have their own unique stage and music which brings up personality. Oh yeah, plus Jin can do rising sun here (the spinning kick move), unlike T6 and TTT2!

My Childhood Game....Great (Ce-Ce in Alabama)
  April 26, 2012

I played this game as a child. I enjoyed it then and enjoy it now. I would advise anyone if you get good through the game get a ps1 memory card for a ps2 game system, I learned that the hard way.

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