Reviews for Mario Tennis

Reviews for Mario Tennis for Nintendo 64

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One of the greatest Mario games (Marc-André in Quebec)
  October 9, 2015

Mario and his friends are back to play tennis. It is as amusing as any other Mario games on any platforms. Strongly recommended!

Worth Buying (Anonymous in Maryland)
  January 25, 2014

This game is great. It's much longer than I anticipated and actually very difficult. A lot of fun and I don't see myself getting bored with it any time soon.

Great game (James in South Carolina)
  July 18, 2013

Fun game. Nice to play a game with a innocent non-violent theme unlike these current violent adult games currently out. Great graphics and loads of fun.

Great game (Erick in Quebec)
  March 7, 2012

I love this game from my childhood, and it puts a fun twist on tennis for kids.

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